Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Announcing TransPlan!

In addition to working on Canabalt, we've been tinkering the last few months with a 2D physics-based puzzle game.  After a bunch of waffling we've got a name, finally, and thus a logo:

The objective is simple, get an object from point A to point B.  Each level has a number of physics elements in it, which you can erase, or activate, or pin.  Pinning an object allows it to swivel on that point, which allows you to build simple machines causing your object to roll or fall or be thrown or what have you.  Get your object to the destination, and ideally do it in an optimal number of moves.

I'll make a few more posts with example levels as we move forward on making this something actually shippable!

Unium v1.3.2

  - Bug Fix: Local pref save data

This is a fairly minor update that fixes a bug with local pref data.  Previously the game would sometimes forget your volume preferences, that should be cleaned up now.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Canabalt HD on Steam!

And it goes on sale tomorrow!  Right here!

This is a new version of the classic infinite run game, with both classic and HD styled artwork available.  It has integrated Steam achievements and leaderboards, support for cloud saves, support for community features like trading cards and backgrounds, and more!

We worked with Finji to develop and list this new version of the game, and hope folks enjoy it!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Unium v1.3

  - New Feature: Localization into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Spanish
  - New Feature: Support for Play Games cloud saves
  - Update: Several additional puzzles
  - Update: Two new achievements: Recessive & Medium III

This brings the Android version of Unium in-line with the additions made for the Steam version released a few days ago.  Localization all around, cloud saves, and additional levels and achievements.  Dig it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Unium on Steam!

We were greenlit a couple of weeks ago!  We started in immediately to get all the achievements set up, design a few new levels, and localize the game into a variety of languages.  As of friday, we're now for sale on Steam!

As part of the Steam integration I ended up designing a series of abstract backgrounds to serve as profile images and trading cards.  Here's a couple I particularly liked:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Unium v1.2.0

  - Update: Renamed some levels for better tutorial-ness
  - New: Five new Easy puzzles!
  - New: Review link on credits page

This is a minor update that adds a handful of new Easy puzzles as a bonus.  We've added a simple review link to the credits page, and have renamed a couple of the entry levels to more strongly tutorial-ize what to do.

This update is live on Play now, and will be available on iOS in a few days.