Friday, June 26, 2015

Unium & Transplan now available on Kindle!

... or at least all the "fire" variants anyway.  These are straight up purchases, no trickery with ads or anything, and we're hoping all the Kindle users enjoy!  Links are below!

Unium on Amazon Kindle
TransPlan on Amazon Kindle

TransPlan v1.0.1

- Bug Fix: Fixed occasional issue with undoing pins
- Bug Fix: Fixed save problem with Master achievement

This update clears away the last of the minor bugs we're aware of, in particular the Master Planner achievement no longer requires that all the master levels be completed at par.  This was mostly an issue since the description made no mention of that.

A bug was also fixed that caused pins to be relocated incorrectly when using undo on a mobile platform.  Sorry about it!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

TransPlan now available on Android!

Get it for free here!

Now complete with full support for both portrait and landscape!  This incorporates all the little fixes that have happened to the Steam version since release, and incorporates both Google Play Games achievements and cloud saves as well.

We're taking a bit of a different tack with the mobile versions of the game.  As outright selling titles doesn't seem to work too well on mobile these days, TransPlan is free on both Android and (soon) iOS.  Occasional interstitial ads will appear between levels, and you can use an in-app purchase to disable these entirely if you wish.

Hopefully folks enjoy!

Monday, June 8, 2015

TransPlan now available on Steam!

Just finished off the last few issues and pushed the publish button!  Check it out here!

We did some last minute art revisions to unify the art style a bit further, added a few more achievements, got in a  couple more translations, and so on.  Lots of little things add up to a nicer product, and we're hoping folks enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Announcing TransPlan!

In addition to working on Canabalt, we've been tinkering the last few months with a 2D physics-based puzzle game.  After a bunch of waffling we've got a name, finally, and thus a logo:

The objective is simple, get an object from point A to point B.  Each level has a number of physics elements in it, which you can erase, or activate, or pin.  Pinning an object allows it to swivel on that point, which allows you to build simple machines causing your object to roll or fall or be thrown or what have you.  Get your object to the destination, and ideally do it in an optimal number of moves.

I'll make a few more posts with example levels as we move forward on making this something actually shippable!

Unium v1.3.2

  - Bug Fix: Local pref save data

This is a fairly minor update that fixes a bug with local pref data.  Previously the game would sometimes forget your volume preferences, that should be cleaned up now.