Monday, March 22, 2010

Galactic Core v1.17

- New Feature:  Spin direction pref
- Update:  Performance improvements

It's becoming more apparent to me that these phones are very fill-rate limited.  In the name of staying as sharp as possible, I had the wallpaper rendering all its passes with the same image (doing some flip flopping and blend mode changing).  The problem is, without mipmapping (and GL10 doesn't support this very well), this means that it's got to render every pixel of that high res texture every pass.  I yanked the alpha channel out of the high res texture (allowing it to get much smaller) and made separate lower-resolution images for the blends.  This made a noticable framerate difference and saves some memory besides, while still looking basically the same.


  1. Hi love your wallpaper. But I can't see any settings button on my nexus one. Just "set wallpaper".

    Feature request would be to add rotation speed settings. The spiraling is a teeny bit snail paced imo. Personal preference I guess.

    There's a slight pause before rotation starts whenever the screen wakes from unlock.

    Fix these and it will be perfect :)

  2. The donation version has the settings menu (which does have controls for speed, direction, and camera zoom). Sorry, got to keep something behind the closed door. =P