Thursday, March 4, 2010

Portable Alarm upgraded to v1.3

- Bug Fix: Volume is now controlled by alarm channel
- New Feature: "High Pitched" alarm sound available

Got a comment that the alarm wasn't loud enough, which is fair enough and bears looking into.  That led to some investigating and I found that I was actually doing something wrong here.  I was leaving the alarm sound playback on the default channel (probably the same one as media like music), when I should have been specifically assigning that to the STREAM_ALARM channel.  Alarms have a separate volume control than music (and may go higher, in fact) so this should help solve the issue.

I also added a new sound type, which is available in the settings menu.  It's high pitched and screechy, and is based on alarme_4 by davidou of FreeSounds.  I trimmed it and adjusted the range a bit but the core sound is definitely his.

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