Saturday, March 6, 2010

Synergy at beta

Finally got the last of the big features in -- the game will now state save and restore itself correctly.  This works very well, to the point that you can reboot the phone and start the game again, and it'll restore right where you left off.

I rearranged how the OpenGL surface was being initialized (doing the work in onPause and onResume instead of the constructor) and that seems to have solved the lock-up-at-a-black-screen behavior I was seeing here and there.  With these problems tackled I'm onto the home stretch of tweaking the scoring and gameplay behavior, and optimizations here and there where they present themselves.  This means it'll hopefully be on the market tomorrow sometime after I've had some chance to smoke test the first release.

In addition to this work I added more backgrounds and have some infrastructure in place to make the game pieces feel a little more dynamic, and added some niceties like the game over screen notifying you if you've achieved a new high score.  All this is shaping up pretty well and I'm excited to get the first release finished off.

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