Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aquarium v1.01

- Bug Fix: Single frame of white fish upon wakeup
- Update: Less memory usage
- Update: Fish accelerate/decelerate to their destination
- New Feature: Slight randomness to fish size

Nothing too earth shaking here, probably the biggest change is acceleration.  Basically,when a fish is near its destination, it will slow down and begin turning.  When it's done turning, it will accelerate smoothly up to top speed.  This removes the slight pop that you could detect when a fish decided to turn around.

The memory usage reduction actually stems from reducing the fish texture size.  Doing the math on the amount of screen real-estate they use vs the phone's screen resolution, I had the texture higher than it needed to be.  In practice this works out, as there's' nothing visibly different so far as I can tell.  As a bonus, this reduces load time a touch too.

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