Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Galactic Core v1.36

- Update: Faster portrait/landscape switching
- Update: Landscape mode is zoomed further in
- New Feature: "Spin Speed" goes up to "very high" now

 In testing a user's bug report, I discovered I was reloading textures when I didn't necessarily need to.  This is slightly scary but I have it safety checked, and it worked fine through over a hundred portrait/landscape switches on a Motorola Droid -- and it's much, much faster when layout switching.  This same change is working its way into my other wallpapers as well.


  1. Cant find paid version on marked from my phone.

  2. Hello, want to buy this beatiful app but dont have a credit card, but can i pay by paypal? an u send me the programm ore something? thx a fan