Monday, April 26, 2010

Galactic Core v1.4

- New Feature: Camera moves when switching home screens
- New Feature: Camera Speed pref

Touch sensitivity is still in place, and will interact with the home-screen motion more or less reasonably.  If you have both features enabled, you'll get up/down motion based on screen touches and left/right motion based on your current home screen.  The speed at which the camera moves between the points is controlled by a pref now as well, so you can make it pretty quick if you prefer.

I've gotten one e-mail from someone saying the home-screen sensitivity isn't working for him, but on examination haven't worked out why yet.  The same person says it worked in Silhouette, so I probably can't blame the phone here, but comments on the app's marketplace listing indicate it's working for other people.  The biggest differences from Silhouette are that Galactic Core has more preferences governing camera behavior, but as he's using the free version those should all be at default, which worked fine when I tested them.  I'll take another stab at that tonight.


  1. Hi, just got this from SlideMe. The home screen motion is not working for me as well. Well I'm using Helix Launcher 2 as well for my home replacement so maybe that is a factor? Other than that my Nexus One is stock android 2.1.

  2. Oops, I take back what I said. The camera motion thing does work. The spiral seems to rotate up/down or left/right while changing home screens right? I had to turn camera speed and sensitivity to high before I saw it.

    Pretty sweet effects.

  3. Really enjoy it! Any possibility of enabling some way to save multiple states of user-configurable settings to a file (i.e. color combos for rings)? I'll tinker and find one I like, but then am hesitant to play around with it after that since I can't just revert to a previous setting other than "default". A feature like that could open up a neat way for your user community to share "settings files", direct more traffic to this site beyond the Android Market, and increase the value of what are already the best Live Wallpapers out there.