Monday, May 17, 2010

Aquarium v1.25

- Updated: Way better plants!
- Updated: Removed grey fish, added red fish
- New Feature: Black and White background options
- New Feature: Fish Tilt

Thanks to a fellow named Joel Mejia, we've now got much nicer looking plant graphics!  They make worlds of difference in my opinion.  I also finally yanked the grey fish that everybody hated so much, and in place we get a red stripey fish of awesomeness.  I also added two more backgrounds that are simple flat white and flat black.  Some folks have requested these.

As a bonus, I now tilt fish to the appropriate inclination when they move to their destination as well, so they're not all uniformly level anymore.

This update makes use of Creative Commons material, credit goes to ThatPetPlace.

1 comment:

  1. New to Droid but long time reef tank enthusiast. Great application and thanks for all the dev work for such a cheap price. Glad to see the Tiger Barb or whatever it is is going; it's a freshwater fish.

    I believe the single best update at this point would be a way to randomize the speed and position of the fish. I don't know of this is a limitation of Live Wallpaper, but would be very nice to see at least an occasional fish darting around as they do in real tanks. A clown fish in an anenome would be outstanding. Maybe a couple gobies on the coral...

    But thanks for all the work you are putting into this. Love it!