Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silhouette v1.25

- Update: New background image
- New Feature: How to Use screen

This update is a bit of an experiment.  Basically, the free version of Silhouette has a runnable activity now.  This means that when you buy it from the marketplace, you get a "run" button.  Pushing it pops up a dialog that explains how to get to your Customize Wallpaper screen, which is where Live Wallpapers are used from.

This is in response to the huge collection of e-mails I've received asking how to make use of the wallpapers, and the number of 1-star comments I've seen saying they don't do anything.  While there's good logic attached to how Live Wallpapers currently work (within the Customize Wallpapers area), I've found that users very much expect to be presented with a "use this!" button right after download.  If it's not there, they assume it doesn't work.  Given that in my experience only a very small percentage of people report problems, this means there's got to be hundreds or thousands of people who have no idea how to make use of these things.

So, I'm hoping this makes some difference there.  Either that, or I'll just get a bunch hate mail for my condescending little popup.  We'll see. :P

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