Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silhouette v1.3

- New Feature: Time-of-day color fading
- Update: New tree graphics
- Update: Faster clouds default
- Update: OpenGL 1.1 vertex buffer support

A lot of people have asked for this to change with the time of day, and I finally got that in.  It IS a touch  more expensive, as it needs to blend between two layers to do so, but it doesn't seem to cause any problems in the Droid I've been testing with.  The tree graphics have been updated based on Creative Commons Commercial licensed content, many thanks to Mike__Lawrence and amandabhslater for making those images available for use as source material!

I updated my model and texture libraries the other day to make use of OpenGL 1.1 where available, meaning its built-in mipmap generation and Vertex Buffer Objects.  This makes a substantial difference in the case of Aquarium in particular (as there's a lot of models being rendered), and Silhouette is the first update I've done since the support went in.  It doesn't seem to have any problems thus far, I'm sure somebody will let me know if I'm wrong.  =)

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