Monday, June 28, 2010

Galactic Core v1.52

- Bug Fix: Smoother home-screen scrolling
- Bug Fix: Better enable/disable of the orientation sensor

I spent a substantial amount of time trying to problem-solve the orientation sensor option's battery usage, and while I did get the wallpaper to enable/disable the sensor more properly, the battery usage screen still reports very high usage by the wallpaper when this feature is enabled.  I almost wonder if this is a bug, as even though I'm requesting the default sensor update frequency (which should be the same as the UI is already using, meaning it shouldn't cost any extra work), it seems much too responsive for that.  Maybe default and ui speed updating is broken on my Incredible?  Changing it seemed to make no difference at all to responsiveness or battery usage.

This update also included the removal of a 33ms delay when getting touch updates.  This was actually sort of intentional, as it was inherited from Synergy.  For whatever reason this was necessary in Synergy to avoid huge framerate hits when you touched the screen.  As part of a wallpaper, however, it seems like the touch thread is the same one that's doing home-screen swiping as well, so that 33ms delay was making swiping from one screen to the next less responsive feeling.  A stupid bug, but that happens sometimes.

I have gotten a couple from folks saying this update flickers for them sometimes, but it's rock solid on my HTC Incredible.  I received a logfile from one user that didn't have anything suspect in it, and am currently wondering if it's only on a specific handset.


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  3. App keeps dropping out..please fix this glich..can't even use. Galaxy S phone.