Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Do List

So there's a few items that've piled up, here's what's on deck:

- Fix mipmapping (again) as the current implementation is unsupported on at least one handset
    - Done
- Add behaviors to Aquarium fish
    - Create a real AI structure - Done
    - Feed the fish - Done
    - Scare the fish
- Model and animate a clownfish - Done
- More preferences for Flowers
    - Lighting - Done, ended up being not worth it
    - Camera Speed - Done
- User-selectable images for Silhouette time-of-day feature
    - Add prefs for this - Done
- Look into removing the "eglMakeCurrent failed" exception
    - Need physical keyboard phones to test with here
- Galactic Core stuff
    - Add mipmap pref, should help framerate in some handsts - Done
    - Investigate sensor battery usage, fix - Done

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