Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NA Flags v1.05

 - Update: Sharper backgrounds
 - Update: Nicer preferences screen organization
 - New Feature: Puerto Rico and Greenland flags

Not a lot to be said on this one.  The background improvement is actually a bit of a bug fix -- originally landscape mode had more horizontal travel to the camera than it does now, and because of the width of the screen it was necessary for the background image to be wide enough to encompass the camera's full width.  At some point during development the landscape camera's motion got cinched up from a 90 degree arc to a 60 degree arc, but we never thought to fix the background model.  This means that about 25% of the background image was actually going to waste, because you couldn't ever see it!

So, the big change there cinching up the width of the background, so you can see more of the image now.  This has the happy side effect of getting a lot more pixels on-screen, and it's now visibly sharper.  On top of that, the canyon and mountains images were resaved with a higher compression quality, so they're outright sharper even without this change.  The sum total is a significant improvement in background quality.

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