Thursday, August 5, 2010

Silhouette v1.45

 - New Feature: Camera zoom pref
 - Update: Greater range of camera motion
 - Update: SD card storage support

The primary work feature here is wider camera motion, which required rework of some of the background graphics, as, frankly, they didn't go all that far before.  Widening the landscape and sky models allowed for more horizontal camera travel in both landscape and portrait mode, which definitely helps the feel in this brave new world of 5 and 7 home-screen phones.

Along those same lines, I've had a couple folks request the ability to reduce the amount of black at the bottom of the screen.  After trying a couple approaches, I settled on one that moves the camera up and bit and zooms in its' field of view by about 20 degrees.  This frames the scene a bit differently and works very well, I think, while reducing the amount of dead space at the bottom of the composition.


  1. One more request if you're so inclined (okay, a couple, but related, and the first is the main one) - a real night colour scheme: a bluish-white cloud glow, rather than yellow, and dark blue sky. The 'Time of day' feature really suffers from this lack - I'd dearly love to have the day transition like the outside world.

    Morning and night transitions should probably complete over 2-3 hours, ie - start transition from night to morning colours at 5:00, peak at six, complete rolloff to day colours at 7:30ish, and reverse in the evening. You could make all this configurable, but maybe that's getting too complicated.

    Ideally, the sun halo might turn into a glowing moon, but that's obviously a bit more work.

  2. I love this on my Vibrant, would love it even more if it could be used on my comp.