Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aquarium v1.91 & v1.92

  - New Feature: Fish Selection Window
  - Update: Twelve Fish at a time!

This update happened pretty soon after the last one - sorry about that.  Generally I'd have waited longer, but v1.90 had an unfortunate bug that resulted in the particle bubbles being visually wrong on some phones.  I hadn't excluded them from mipmapping, and on some handsets the automatic mipmap generation doesn't work correctly with an alpha channel.

So, v1.91 was primarily to fix that problem.  At the same time I'd started working on a popup window for selecting your fish species, as the tap-to-cycle approach was getting kind of ridiculous when there's a dozen fish in the list.  The new window has all the available fish listed.  You tap the thumbnail, the window appears, and you make your selection.  It's a lot more elegant at this point, I think.

While I was messing with the UI, I figured I may as well use up that couple FPS we gained and allow 12 fish instead of 10.

This all went in just fine, until I started getting mail asking how to remove a fish.  Now, the thing to remember is, when I'm testing this stuff I ended up wiping my preferences a lot and starting from the default values... so while I'd confirmed all 12 slots worked I'd really just been testing the new functionality, and somehow managed to completely forget that you might want to take away fish too.

So, v1.92 was a rush to fix this problem, by adding the "no fish" red X to the popup window.  I confirmed it worked and got that out as quickly as possible, so hopefully not too many people needed to update twice in a day.  Sorry folks!


  1. May I buy the full version in other markets than the android-market and pay with PayPal?

    Regards, Michael from Germany