Monday, October 11, 2010


* Galactic core flickers on the EVO and the Desire, why?
    - Purchased an EVO and can't get this to happen!
    - Saw it happen, looks like a driver issue or something :(
* Debug crashy images for custom background selection
    - Nothing to do with image, timing issue.  Fixed!
* Finish Jungle Waterfall
* Halloween ghost
* Upsell screen for Silhouette
* Water drops hitting screen in Thunderstorm
* Sound in thunderstorm -- how problematic is this concept?
* Can the open button be made useful?
* Time of day for Bamboo
* Time of day for Jungle Waterfall


  1. Love the time of day concept but I thought a great concept for people like me who have bought a few of your live wallpapers is wallpaper based on weather?

    If the clock says it is raining I would love the Thunderstorm... if it says it is cloudy then Silhouette... if it says sunny then Flowers... etc..

    Looking forward to the sound effects for thunderstorm :D I think it should only be when you trigger a thunder when you press the screen as I guess most peopel would not want their phone randomnly rumbling in the background? Maybe even have it trigger on evenst like when you receive an email etc.


  2. Hahaha the reason above is I love Thunderstorm but it looks dreary and odd on my phone when its a gorgeous day outside!
    Also incentivises people to buy more of your live wallpapers.
    Maybe make it available only on your paid wallpapers!