Friday, October 1, 2010

Galactic Core v1.55

 - New Feature: Custom color picker
 - Bug Fix: Flickering on HTC devices

The flickering fix really just involves calling glFinish() at the end of each frame.  This is something that, I thought, went the way of the dodo when we got double-buffering, but apparently HTC's hooked enough stuff onto glFinish() that you get flickering and full-phone lockups if you don't call it.  Also, you lose a few frames per second.  Thanks HTC!

The color picker is way cooler, and is based on one posted by pskink on  It's has a few modifications, notably the removal of the progress indicator on the top bar and the background being given a proper hue distribution.  It works well and I'll hopefully replace the existing "list of colors" approach with this wherever it's relevant in the future.

Because this makes it a lot harder to get back to the default color settings than the list approach did, there's also a "Reset to default colors" item that you can tap to, well, reset it to default colors.

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