Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NA Flags v1.2

  - New Feature: Guam flag
  - New Feature: DC flag
  - New Feature: "How To" popup

This is a fairly routine update to add a bit more flag art, and in the process I rolled in the "How To" popup I created for Snowfall.  This will hopefully reduce the confusion about how to make use of live wallpapers a notch, allow the 'open' button to do something useful, and it'll automatically disable once you use the wallpaper for the first time.


  1. Hi...I saw your live wallpapers and Im downloaded ..btw,how to purchase it? Because when I press the purchase Icon ,Its came out nothing..wonder why how those people purchased .

  2. The "Get the full version" button should take you straight to the listing on the Android Market. If that's not working it may mean you're in a territory that doesn't support paid apps yet, possibly. Unless I'm misunderstanding the issue?

  3. Yeah..that's the things which I trying to said..since it doesn't lead me to the market,then what should I do now?It is have to wait for the support paid application effectively?