Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots of Updates for the HowTo Activity

We get a lot of e-mail from folks confused about how to use the wallpaper they just downloaded, and while several of these have the open button set up with a popup that takes you to the live wallpaper chooser, several of the products are still missing this.

I'd like to get this to be consistent, so in the name of pulling the band-aid right off, we'll be pushing a number of updates over the next couple of days to make our handling of this consistent.  Sorry for any inconvenience, folks!


  1. I just purshased the live bug wallpaper and it won't let me change the settings its prompting me to buy it again

  2. Did you switch to the new wallpaper from the free one? They're separate downloads, it's not a key-unluck style of setup.