Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snowfall v1.05

  - Bug Fix: Gap at top of screen on some handsets
  - Bug Fix: Snowflakes visibly popping away
  - New Features: Adjust snow appearance and velocities

This update wraps up a collection of features we've had requested along with a few minor bug fixes.  The first visible bug is that that in some situations you could see a gap at the top edge of the screen.  Apparently there's some phones with translucent notification bars that allowed the user to see the problem (as the top 30 pixels or so weren't covered by the bar in that case), something I had no idea about until now, as every phone I've ever seen has an opaque bar.  I'm amazed none of the other wallpapers have this issue.

The other bug is that sometimes you'd see snowflakes vanish suddenly.  This was due to lighting being enabled, which means the fadeout that should've been there wasn't working properly.  This got worked around by incorporating the current light color into the particle's coloration, and disabling lighting for them.  Looks about the same, but should be a bit cheaper and allows fading to work.

Finally, I got several e-mails with various complaints/requests regarding the appearance of the snow.  You can now dial down how much lateral motion the flakes will have (down to almost nothing) and can adjust the fall speed as well.  I'm afraid I couldn't allow you to knock the fall speed down too far, as it'd create too many particles in view at once, but it does make some difference.



  1. For an interactive element, it would be grat if by pressing on the screen you can force the trees to shake and "shed" their snow which will build up again over time.


  2. Snowfall is a very Nice Live Wallpaper, BUT not available in my Marketplace for purchase, any other way I could buy it ? E.g. Paypal, Slideme or other ??