Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowfall v1.2

  - New Feature: Santa sightings
  - Update: Visual cleanup
  - Update: New settings theme

The main new thing here is that you'll see Santa and his reindeer fly by here and there, if you enable 'santa sightings' in the options.  This is a bit silly but fun, and will grow more frequent as we get closer to christmas. :)

The new settings theme is due to Samsung completely ruining the Light visual style that I've been using for the various settings screens.  The Samsung rendition is almost unusable, so I'm reverting to the default Settings theme instead.  I'll be doing this as I make updates, it's not an emergency.


  1. Having problems keeping it selected on epic 4g.

  2. I am not sure what happened in the last few days but it is working like a charm now! Love it...

  3. Would it be possible to make the sunrise and sunset conform to actual local times, either automatically or manually?

    This would be nice on the other wallpapers that have time-of-day variables as well.

    Really enjoy your wallpapers, I have a bunch of them!

  4. I use an Android. My wall paper does not set. I'm quite frustrated with this app.

  5. The free version never upgraded to full version....very frustrated. I upgraded from within the app on my Samsung Fascinate....was charged but unable to configure it with the "new upgrades". Refund was denied. Basically, when I click setting , it takes me to the upgrade screen as if I never even purchased it.

  6. Was unable to find settings in HTC desire hd