Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aquarium Live Wallpaper v2.3

  - New Feature: Lionfish!
  - New Feature: Jellyfish!
  - New Feature: Two new toys!
  - Bug Fix: Better Preview screen behavior

Getting the movement on the Jellyfish to look reasonable took a little while, and I still get the feeling some tweaking is going to happen, but it looks pretty good overall!  By popular demand there's a lionfish in place now too!

The two new toys are a ship anchor and a old-style diving helmet, which feel pretty appropriate to me.  The new art was done by Allyson Vaughn!


  1. Please fix this. Every time I connect my Incredible to my computer I lose your Live Wallpaper and it goes back to the Default Wallpaper. This is very frustrating.

  2. I love the live wallpaper and I bought the paid version but anytime I use it my Samsung S freezes. It is really frustrating