Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dynamic Paint BETA Live Wallpaper

(Android Market Link)

We just put this up on the market, and it's exciting for a couple big reasons.  First, it's a totally cool simulation of liquid on an irregular surface, and after spraying or splatting paint onto the wall you get to watch it run down in rivulets and respond to the contours.  This is really neat.

Secondly, it'll be the first public use of our OpenGL 2.0 based framework -- the simulation heavily leans on pixel shaders to do its work, otherwise there's no way we could get it this fast!  However, this also means we're exercising a lot of new code and features that we haven't used before.

Thus, the BETA label.

We'll be leaving this on the market for at least a few hours, and are really hoping folks like it.  I know there's nothing out there that does this kind of cool dynamic effect, and am really excited to get some feedback both on the concept itself, and on any technical issues folks  might run into.  Please send any thoughts over to contact AT kittehface.com, we look forward to reading it!

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