Thursday, March 3, 2011

KF Flames Live Wallpaper v1.1

 - New Feature: Base Image Color pref

One of the major complaints with Flames is that it's hard to get your colors with it to look quite right.  There's a reason for this, which is that the base flame texture it uses has some coloration built in.  This helps the default look create strong yellow hotspots, but it hurts if you're going for pure blue (for example).

So, now you've got some control over this.  There's a new preference called "Base Image Color" that lets you switch between a few different base level tints.  The default is orange, but you've also got green, blue, and white (neutral) to pick from now.  Especially if you switch it to neutral, you should have no problem getting things to look the color you want now. :)

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