Wednesday, June 15, 2011

True Blood Live Wallpaper

In addition to other things, we've been busy the last few weeks creating a promotional project for the good folks over at HBO.  As a result, we've got the official True Blood live wallpaper up for download on the Market now!

What we have here is a blood pool on your home screen, that responds to touch and device movement, creating waves and ripples that behave realistically.  You can double-tap to fade in or out the logo overlay.  We put a lot of time into getting a good looking liquid simulation running well across all devices, and even have it multithreaded to take advantage of a dual-core device if you have one.  It behaves and settles out extremely well, and we learned a lot about this sort of thing in the process.

Both HBO and Admob have been very good to work with, and I'm thrilled we could tackle this project for them.  :)

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