Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canabalt HD v1.07

  - Bug Fix: Error when submitting high scores

This was a pretty bad one to miss, and is bluntly rather embarassing.  Sorry for all the updates folks, we should be settling back to a normal schedule shortly.


  1. Couldn't find an email address so I thought I'd put this here. I've noticed a few graphical issues in the 2d version of canabalt. Firstly the characters animation is clipped at the bottom and shows at the top of the animation box. Secondly the link fence background is layered higher than the characters animation. Lastly, and most importantly the ship that falls from the sky and destroys the building doesn't align with the landing space vertically so you will sometimes land above or inside the building.

    1. Hey there sir. I haven't seen anything wrong with the character's animation, may I ask what kind of phone you're running it on? We'll look at the 2D version of the leg quick...