Friday, April 13, 2012

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper v2.0

  - New Feature: Change colors based on time of day
  - Update: Now using OpenGL 2.0

This is a major update from our perspective, but should look more or less the same to you folks.  Basically, we ported Thunderstorm forward to a newer version of our framework, which should make it generally better behaved and give you snapper home screen response besides.  That's not bad to start with, really.

In addition, we've hooked up the ability to have the colors change based on the current time of day, similar to several of our other products.  Like those, we use coarse network location to calculate an accurate sunrise/sunset time.  You can click the "Time of Day Preferences" selection to edit the colors for the available times to make it look however you see fit.

The only oddity about this is if you're using minimalist mode, as you'll probably want to tone the colors down if you've got that enabled.  That's the general case with the light colors though, so hopefully we'll be forgiven for that one.

Along these same lines, we're also working on an update for Friendly Bugs that should give some similar benefits.  Give it a few days and we'll have that one live too.  :)

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  1. Love this app only thing that would make it better is if it had the sound of thunder when the lightning strikes that would be sweet