Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dynamic Dice v1.05

  - New Feature: Pause/Resume button in app
  - New Feature: "Green Felt" background!
  - Update: More velocity on dice when using 'reroll' button
  - Update: Can now be moved to SD card

This update takes into account a couple feedback items we've received since release, in particular including the ability to pause the simulation.  This means if you need to show somebody your dice roll during a game, you don't have to be careful about tipping them over.  :)

As a bonus, there's a new background that should be right at home in a casino!


  1. Just bought this app. Love it, one of the best looking dice rollers on the market.

    Some suggestions:
    1) more dice. 6 is fine, but sometimes you need to roll for a fireball and need more. Make it dynamic if you can, or just slap another row of 6 for quick and easy.
    2) math: option to show the total of the dice, like for the damage for the aforementioned fireball. If possible, allow choice of which dice to add. (e.g. the d20 is for to-hit, but the d8 and 2d6 get added for damage.)
    3) multiple dice tables: allow the user to have different sets of dice set on miltiple tables, so one can be for a weapon attack, another for a spell, another for a different spell. So user doesn't have to be constantly changing the dice for each different action, just quickly change tables.

    Thanks again for the great apps.

  2. 4) artificial gravity: i usually use my tablet standing up on edge, not flat on the table, so the dice all fall to the bottom. Add an option for fake graviy, so the dice fall normally regardless of tablet orientation.
    5) more kinds of dice: e.g. 10's digit percentile, coins (aka d2), specialy dice like directions (N,S,E,W), or Fudge dice.
    6) advanced stuff: be able to specify bonuses on a die, e.g. +4 to my "to hit" d20, or +1 to each of my magic-missle d4's.

    Thanks! (I'd even be willing to pay again for an "advanced" version of DynDice with extra features.)

    1. OK, I figured out that turning off the motion sensor does #4 (artificial gravity), so that's cool.

      7) for the wallpaper: make it reroll whenever the user swipes to change the launcher home screen, or launcher gets focus (leaving an app)