Friday, August 10, 2012

Gallery Live Wallpaper v1.2

  - Update: Better support for extremely browsing large numbers of files
  - Bug Fix: Crash when displaying image options popup

We got a few crash reports regarding using the thumbnail browser with huge numbers of files, and after some investigation we're pretty confident that issue's licked.  So, if you've got a phone with two or three thousand pictures in a single folder, you should be taken care of now.  :)

This update also includes a fix for the 'image options' popup -- generally this would occur if you removed an image from the list, then immediately double-tapped and removed it again.


  1. Will this LW have support for picasa / g+ albums in a future release?

  2. We'd like to do at least Picasa in a future update. Once our current project is finished it'll be high priority. :)