Friday, October 26, 2012

Silhouette Live Wallpaper v2.05

  - New Feature: Windmills silhouette

In response to some user requests, we've got a new silhouette available: Windmills.  This is the more classic style of windmill rather than wind turbines, which are still in there but renamed.  Check out the screenshot!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Clock Tower Live Wallpaper v1.0

(Google Play Link)
(YouTube Link)

This is a project that's been going on, on and off, for months now... and we finally got the light rays looking right!  What we have here is a bit of a Castlevania inspired abstract 3D clock tower, with turning gears and a clock that properly tells time.  You can pick from different types of clock faces and hands, and there's a few other prefs that let you control the intensity of the rays, camera motion, and so on.

The shader that's at work here is actually pretty nice, and it reacts to the silhouette of the foreground geometry quite well.  We're proud of the visuals here, overall, and think other folks will enjoy them as well!

UPDATE: Just uploaded v1.01, which fixes ray occlusion on some devices!

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper v1.05

  - New Feature: Cherry tree!
  - Bug Fix: Some mismatched leaf colors

The primary addition here is a new tree species, "Cherry" is now available in the list!  Hopefully folks dig it!  In addition, this update takes care of some incorrect leaf colors, so if you pick 'orange' you can be confident you'll get it now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper v2.0

  - Update: Now using OpenGL 2.0
  - Update: Higher poly asteroids
  - Update: Higher res asteroid textures
  - New Feature: Simulated scrolling on some devices

This new version of Asteroid Belt doesn't look dramatically different, but should look better and run faster on more or less every device out there.  In particular the asteroids are much higher poly with sharper textures, and moving the project forward to GL20 has allowed us to render things in a single pass that previously were two passes.  All of that is a visual and performance win.

As a side effect, Asteroid Belt now supports simulated scrolling if you've got a Samsung or other device that doesn't properly send offset messages.  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper v1.0

(Full Google Play Link)
(Free Google Play Link)
(YouTube Link)

Folks have been asking for something fall-themed for quite a while, so over the last couple of months we've been trying to satisfy that.  The result is Autumn Tree, a quite pretty (I think!) attempt at a Macro-style photograph of a tree branches with colorful leaves.

The entire thing is real-time 3D as usual, and as you can see from the images here we're doing a soft-focus style blur on the background layer to get a proper camera feel.  All the leaves are individual and you can swap their colors out, and change the species of tree.  Currently we have Poplar, Maple, and Birch... we'll be adding Cherry and Oak before too long.

We're quite happy with how this one came out overall, there's still a few things to add but it performs well and looks very nice.  Hopefully you folks agree!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Canabalt HD v1.15

  - Update: Sensor Landscape now supported
  - Update: Exit button on game over screen

This is primarily a small maintenance release, but the addition of Sensor Landscape in particular is pretty nice.  Basically, it'll automatically switch to the appropriate orientation depending on which side you turn your device to.  We hadn't figured out how to enable this in an old-device friendly way before, but ran across the proper solution recently and so wanted to get it in there.

In addition, there's an exit button directly on the game over screen, so you don't need to restart the game to return to the title anymore.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Bamboo Forest Live Wallpaper v2.0

  - Update: Simulated scrolling on some devices
  - Update: Better performance

This update moves Bamboo Forest forward to OpenGL 2.0, and meaningfully improves framerate in the process.  We adeed visibility culling that noticably speeds things up, particularly in portrait mode.

Everything else should still look and work basically the same, with some stability improvements and such over the old one.

Halloween Live Wallpaper v1.5

  - Update: Simulated scrolling on some devices
  - Update: Higher poly pumpkins and house

The big thing was to get simulated scrolling in place for folks, as we've gotten a lot of questions about that lately.  Beyond that as it's been another year, I went through and rounded out the pumpkins, added more triangles to the house model, and in general smoothed out the visuals to be a bit higher res than before.  Hope folks enjoy!