Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper v1.15

  - New Feature: Japanese Maple tree!
  - Update: Better blurring of background
  - Bug Fix: Gap in background on some devices
  - Google Play Link

The main thing for this update is a new tree species, with the extremely pointy leaves of the Japanese Maple being added to the list.  Check out the pic!

In addition, we've updated the shader that handles the background to use a better blur function, it's a proper Gaussian blur now and does two additional samples, but should run at about the same speed due to some other optimizations.  This should largely fix the problem of visible cross-hatching on high-res devices.

This also fixes a small gap that was visible on the far left/right of the background on some devices.  Not a huge problem but it shouldn't have any artifacts now.

EDIT:  Fixed a crash issue about 12 hours after this was posted, sorry about that folks!


  1. Has frozen on me...

    Beautiful but why stop after 36hrs.....
    Just a black screen...

  2. Not open on my tablet 10.1 after last update, appears " the Autumn Tree stop"

  3. Its BACK....
    thank you ... Beautifullllllll ...
    Its fixed Ty

    1. Sorry about that. I've got no idea how something broken got uploaded like that, I make a point of double-checking every build no matter how small the change, and must have been checking the previous build or something...

  4. Parabens seus app sao lindos. Gostaria de saber qual engine utilizam para fazer seus app? Obrigado.

  5. Qual engine utiliza para fazer seus app? Obrigado.