Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fireflies Live Wallpaper v1.0

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(Google Play Link)

This actually was uploaded a couple days ago, but I just got a video posted now.

Fireflies is a simple, serene backgroud featuring blades of grass blowing in the wind, and a collection of glowing fireflies swooping around amongst it.  You can select from a few different forest backdrops, adjust the wind speed, and control the colors you get at different times of day.

This one's not laden with a ton of complex settings, but ultimately I really like the concept, and think it makes a very good background.  Hopefully other folks agree!

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  1. Would like this product to allow me to choose the specific Picasa directory on my account. When I enter search term like 'Family' I get images from, well, some are from my family directory, but some I think are someone else's family. Very weird. Very nice screensaver though.