Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gallery Live Wallpaper v2.01

  - Bug Fix: Thumbnail highlighting on some devices
  - Google Play Link

This is a bit of a quirky issue that only appeared on certain devices.  In particular in landscape mode on the Nexus 7, you'd see the right-hand edge of the highlight overlay was missing.  Didn't affect useability but wasn't good looking.

This came down to a layout quirk.  Basically, the thumbnail size was defined as the same size as its layout container, but the layout container had a buffer size specified.  This (apparently) meant that when the gridview laid everything out, in some cases you'd end up with a non-square thumbnail and the overlay wouldn't line up right.

Regardless, as you can see by the picture, it works now!


  1. Love the wallpaper! I had been looking for something similar to the ASUS live wallpaper from my TF300T to use with my phone and this hits the spot except for one thing...

    Any chance we could get some control settings to change the amount and speed of scroll and zoom please? Sometimes the picture zooms in way too much or flies past the screen, I'd rather tone down the effects to be a lot more subtle. So either sliders for absolute control or some preset variants would be awesome.

    Both would be utterly fabulous ;)

  2. Hi. Love this and actually bought it. one of the few apps I have ever bought when a free version is available. PLEASE allow for a longer delay than 30 seconds. I'd prefer as high as 10 minutes, if not higher.