Sunday, December 29, 2013

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper v2.35

  - Bug Fix: Resizing issue on 4.4+ handsets
  - Update: Links in settings
  - Google Play Link

Nothing big, just another maintenance update.  We also cleaned up the store listing and bit and put in screenshots for tablets specifically and so on.  The main thing is that this way folks on a Nexus 5 won't get a black bar at the top of the screen!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gallery Live Wallpaper v2.11

  - Bug Fix: Crash reading local images on 4.4 devices
  - Google Play Link

As far as we can tell, 4.4 changed some of the logic behind the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, as it now closes the door on some items that were fine before.  As a result we've had to add this to Gallery.  We try to keep our permission usage minimal, but as showing images on your device is half the point of this product, there's not a lot of getting around it...

Snowfall Live Wallpaper v2.27

  - Bug Fix: Background artifact on some devices
  - Google Play Link

This, really, only shows up on devices with a translucent title bar, and only if they're high enough resolution -- basically on something like a Nexus 5, you'd see a single-pixel strip missing along the top edge of the background.  This is fixed now, sorry about that folks.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper v2.1

  - Update: Four new background images
  - Update: Rounder rings!
  - New Feature: Daydream support on 4.2+ devices!
  - Bug Fix: Resizing issue with 4.4 devices
  - Google Play Link

We always try to include something visible with our updates, even if it's mostly just code maintenance.  In this case we searched out some new spacey backgrounds, and have four more available to usage!  We also updated the orbit rings to be rounder, the previous ones were a bit faceted.

In addition this update gained Daydream support, enjoy!

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper v1.6

  - Update: Higher res asteroid textures
  - Bug Fix: Resizing issue on 4.4 devices
  - Google Play Link

Nothing big, primarily a maintenance update for Kitkat.  We did update the asteroid textures to a higher resolution than previously however!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Autumn Tree Live Wallpaper v1.25

  - New Feature: Daydream support on 4.2+ devices
  - Google Play Link

This really should've been in place for the previous update, I'm not sure how it got overlooked.  Sorry folks, we even had it mentioned on the Play listing but it wasn't enabled.

Prismatic Live Wallpaper v1.31

  - Bug Fix: Custom images not loading on 4.4+
  - Google Play Link

Pretty much what it says on the box.

Basically, when loading custom media we had a filter set up to confirm it's actually an image before trying to do anything.  That check was against the URI, and was looking to see if it was considered a file type for 'Gallery3D' to use.  How that precise check came about I'm not sure, but as of Android 4.4 Gallery3D no longer appears in image URIs at all... now we're checking to confirm it's a 'document' instead.

Silhouette Live Wallpaper v2.1

  - Bug Fix: Fixed resizing bug on 4.4+ devices
  - Update: New background: Flame
  - Update: Higher resolution on some backgrounds
  - Update: New icon art
  - Google Play Link 

It's been a while since silhouette was updated, so we went through and increased the resolution of some of the background artwork and added a new one to the mix.  Beyond that it's the usual maintenance update of new icon art, fixed stability issues, and so on.  :)

The new backdrop is based (though modifed) on a Creative Commons licensed image courtesy of BistroSavage on Flickr.