Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Aquarium Live Wallpaper v3.3

  - Update: Higher res plants!
  - Update: New fish!
  - Update: Nicer overhead light!
  - Bug Fix: Resizing issue on 4.4 devices
  - Google Play Link

Given Aquarium's popularity we really should've updated this one with the resizing fix sooner, but I elected to wait until we could get some updated content ready.  The main one is revisions to the plant imagery, they're quite a lot bigger and sharper now.  This work is courtesy of Kim Lathrop, who put a lot of time into updating the images while still keeping to the spirit of the originals.  Check out the comparison to the right!

This update also adds a new fish species to the list, and makes some changes to the motion of the overhead light.  It's a little nicer with more variety to it now, hopefully folks approve!

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    I hope that kitteh face can help me.