Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Photosphere Live Wallpaper v1.02

  - Bug Fix: Image reading on 4.4+ devices
  - Bug Fix: Viewport resizing on 4.4+ devices
  - Update: Ad on settings page (free version)
  - Update: Higher res icon artwork
  - Google Play Link (free w/ ad)
  - Google Play Link (paid)

This is a maintenance update for Photosphere that should make it well behaved on the Nexus5 and other 4.4 devices.  We had to add a permission for some types of image access, and fixed some of the same assumptions that I detailed a few weeks back regarding image loading.  It should be in good condition now.  This one fell through the cracks a bit as it has some custom image reading code (for the photoshere metadata) that didn't fall under the net of the framework changes we made.

I feel somewhat guilty about it, but we added a single AdMob ad to the settings screen. There's now a paid version that removes this (if folks prefer) but honestly if you prefer, using the free version with an ad there is totally cool with us too.  Don't worry, it doesn't interfere with usage at all, it's just on the settings screen.  Once you're done there you'll never see it again.

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