Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper v1.7

  - New Feature: Color tint the energy helix!
  - Update: Two new cloud styles
  - Update: Higher res icons
  - Google Play Link (full)
  - Google Play Link (free)

Not an earth shaking update, but this adds a little more customization to the full version, and pretties up the icon on high-end devices on the free.  The rather cryptically named "tint the energy helix" item up there refers to the swirly energy thing in the scene, which already had a pref to enable/disable... now you can tint it and gain a highlight color!

The first of the two new cloud styles is basically a brighter, more variant cloud similar to the original one but streakier.  The second is a very crazy set of gradient rays that goes pretty far into 2001 inside-the-monolith psychedelic territory.

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