Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bug Bashing & Feedback Fun

We've been continuing to iterate on Anode, and it definitely feels like we're approaching the finish line.  Various gameplay and presentation tweaks are getting done but they're getting progressively more niche.

Fun stuff that happened over the last few days:

- Particle effect for hovering blocks!
- Handicap rows now use a pre-defined arrangement that is WAY more handicapping.
- Explosions distort the background.  We're a modern game now!
- Mouse cursor gets out of your way if you're not using the mouse!
- Messages about your multiplier don't stomp over more important game-status stuff.
- You can now set the antialising level separate from the overall detail level.
- You can now be warned about up to 28 incoming blocks!
- Tilty panels!  Snazzier!

And so on, things have been busy.  The game plays and runs well and things are looking good to have it up for download in a few days!

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