Sunday, November 6, 2016


A physics puzzle game that's sort of a spiritual sequal to our earlier TransPlan, FerroDynamics challenges the player to design their own mechanical environment!  Starting with a clean, minimalist UI for planning your machine, FerroDynamics builds a beautifully rendered 3D model in the background and shows you the results when you push the play button!

We've been working on this on and off for a while, and after finally settling on a name have created a Greenlight listing!  We'd love to get your vote, so we can take the last few steps to shipping a finished product.

FerroDynamics is currently very playable, with a couple of dozen levels designed and plenty of components with different shapes and affects.  In addition to gates, ramps, tracks, and other static elements, we also have switches and buttons, which can be wired to turn on and off features like electromagnets, lasers, and more.  All of this is represented in the resultant 3D view!

We've had good reactions to our earlier titles, and look forward to maintaining those high standards here.  Please give us a thumbs up over at our Greenlight listing!

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