Platform Porting

Do you need help bringing an existing title to a new platform?  We're experienced with all major consoles, and have shipped projects on Android and iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux many times.  We're experienced with performance optimization and know platform requirements very well.  Send us an e-mail and we're happy to give you an estimate!

We've handled dozens of titles over the last few years on nearly all platforms.  Some recent titles we contributed to include:

Super Blood Hockey on Switch, Xbox, and PS4

A violent homage to 8 and 16-bit era arcade hockey titles, complete with super-cool campaign mode where you run your own hockey franchise in a dystopian future where hockey replaces war.

Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human on Switch

A beautiful side-view underwater exploration experience featuring cool boss fights and swarms of giant sharks!

Omega Strike on Switch

A well-made metroidvania-style and contra-style action game.  This is a Game Maker based title which we brought to Switch using their early-access Switch platform support.

Uncanny Valley on Switch

This is a unique pixel art survival horror title that eschews the standard game-over concept in favor of a branching story with multiple endings!  It's Game Maker based, and we handled all aspects of bringing it to the Switch.

Desert Child on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Windows, MacOS, Linux

Desert Child is a Game Maker based title that we worked closely with Akupara to bring to all its platforms.  In addition to platform support we offered development assistance as the project approached its finishing point.

INK on Switch

A colorful platform game that will challenge even skilled players!  Originally written with Game Maker, we recreated the title in Unity and added support for local cooperative play in the process.

HackyZack on Switch

Combining the difficulty of a twitch platformer with the even more difficulty of playing hacky sack, we brought HackyZack to the switch and added full support for local cooperative play.  Like INK, this game was recreated in Unity to gain access to additional platforms.

Chicken Assassin on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Switch, and PS4

A frantic mouse-clicker style game with a unique visual style, we finished work on the PS4 version, handled all Switch implementation, and added support for MacOS and Linux to the Steam version as well.

Airport Simulator 2019 on Windows, PS4, and XBox One

We inherited this as an unfinished title and handled the last steps of bringing it to market, doing heavy optimization and reworking of the title's lighting in addition to implementing full controller support.  On PC, the game allows dynamically switching control schemes between controller and mouse/keyboard.

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