Your task is to draw a line.  A single line.  How complex can that be?

Start with one tile and trace a line to the next, then the next.  Each tile you pass over flips from black to white, or back again.  Using only a single line, can you flip all the black tiles?

We know, it doesn't sound like much.  You'll fly through the first set of levels with barely a hitch.  Then you'll run into some snags.  You'll realize that where you start and stop really matters.  You'll notice that one wrong turn can make or break your solution later on.  You'll discover that some puzzles require the line to overlap, or avoid some tiles altogether.  You'll find that complexity lies under the surface.

Unium features over 100 puzzles, and far more solutions.  Solve simpler puzzles to unlock harder ones.  Complete puzzles in multiple ways to earn achievements. Solve your way from simple lines to complex interconnected patterns.

A unique puzzle game that can be played for a minute or an hour, Unium is available now on Steam, iOS and Android.  As a bonus, the Steam version now supports Workshop, allowing you to create and publish your own puzzles!




Not a fan of DRM?  Buy it stand-alone via the Humble Store!


  1. There's a full guide up on SteamCommunity. Most of them are for Achievements, but here's a Japanese one with a full list. It's pretty easy to find advanced-08:


  2. Can I reset game? I want to paly again,but I do not know how to delete gamedata.

  3. How to reset game(data),it's upload to cloud, I do not know how clean it. I just can reset level by level by level by level...

  4. Did update to my iPad last night. Now game won't open. Is an update planned to fix? Love the game......

  5. chinese text have problem in this game , can you check and fix it?

  6. I'm slightly sad... The soundtrack for Unium is great, but it's not available anywhere I can find. Is there any way of getting the soundtrack? Include it in an update for the game? Sell it on Steam? Something like that?

    I'd really love to listen to it while not playing...