Live Wallpapers

Android phones support a feature called "Live Wallpapers", which allow an animated scene (or even an application, with some work) to run as the desktop background.  We've created a number of these, with the philosophy that they should be non-gimmicky attractive backgrounds a step up from static images.

All of these wallpapers perform well and have a near-zero impact on battery life. We do our best to make sure that you're not sacrificing usability for a pretty backdrop.

How to use:

If your phone supports them, Live Wallpapers will have their own category listed when you go to your wallpaper customization screen (alongside "gallery").  On most phones, a long-click on the desktop will get you there, though some phones may require that you use the "menu" button at the home screen instead.

Our Wallpapers:

Currently, Kittehface has over twenty Live Wallpapers on the market, with both a free version and paid version in most cases.  In general, the paid version is exactly the same, but has a settings menu allowing the user to change colors, speeds, etc.  All wallpapers are sensitive to home-screen scroll, though generally more so in portrait than landscape layout.  All of them support both portrait and landscape mode.  No prerendered movies here!

Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

Aquarium is a beautiful wallpaper featuring tropical fish with a variety of plants and backgrounds.  Very highly rated on the marketplace and improving all the time, it's our most popular wallpaper.  Features up to 14 fish at once (all individually selectable from many different species!), multiple types of plants, two types of anemones, controls for overhead light and bubbler, selectable tank props, and a number of selectable backgrounds.

There's interactivity too!  Double-tapping the screen breaks out the fish flakes and feeds your little friends, tapping on a fish will cause him to run away, and tapping the glass will get their attention!

Dynamic Paint

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

Dynamic Paint is a very cool dynamic simulation of wet paint! Drag your finger to spray the paint, or tap to splatter it! Watch it run down the wall, following, cracks and contours realistically! A fantastic way to satiate that inner artist. :)

This is a really fantastic background with a subtle but beautiful effect, and has lots of settings to control the painting surface, the thickness of the paint, which colors to paint with, the detail level of the liquid simulation, and more!

Galactic Core

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A simple but beautiful wallpaper of a swirling spiral galaxy, Galactic Core tilts the backdrop based on your current home screen, and can move the camera based on screen touches or the camera orientation.  Lots of settings to control colors, camera zoom and movement speed, and more.

Galactic Core live wallpaper

Asteroid Belt

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A beautiful live wallpaper for Android phones, Asteroid Belt fills your home screen with a moving solar system, as asteroids tumble past in the foreground. Three different backgrounds are available and it has full support for both portrait and landscape mode, with sensitivity to home-screen switching.

Preferences let you control the display of the solar system, the density of asteroids, asteroid speed, the speed of the camera, and more!


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

Fly through space faster than light! A fun wallpaper that gives you a chase camera behind your Android buddy by default, but provides options to switch to a spacecraft or nothing at all, if you wish. Lots of controls for flight speed, background color, star brightness, camera speed, and more. Double-tap different places on the screen to do a barrel roll or engage turbo boost!

Blue Skies

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

Blue Skies takes you soaring through fluffy white clouds, and has a very clean, serene feeling to it. There's prefs for controlling speeds, cloud density and so on, and it'll show you how many unread text messages you have by drifting colorful balloons through the scene! Or, if you prefer, it'll show you balloons randomly. However you like it, really.

This is a calming backdrop with smooth motions that works beautifully as a wallpaper. Classy and doesn't get in the way.

Easter Meadows

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A particularly colorful and beautiful scene of green fields, blowing grass and easter eggs.  We're especially proud of the grass here, which has over ten thousand individual blades of grass animating.  Butterflies flap from point to point and the eggs rock when you touch them.

The settings available let you adjust the wind speed, the number of eggs, the style of basket, the butterfly population, and a number of other things.


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A beautiful backdrop of swaying pine trees and gentle snowfall. Lots of settings available -- celebrate the season with colorful Christmas lights, and have the sky and lighting shift based on the time of day. Customize light colors, density and chaos of snowfall, and more!


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A spectacular lightning storm as your Android desktop! This one has lots of layers of moving clouds and periodic bolts of lightning that cut their way through the scene. Lots of nice parallax when switching home screens.  As always, there's full support for both landscape and portrait mode.

The settings include light color, bolt color, number of clouds, bolt frequency, whether or not the light flashes when a bolt occurs, wind speed, camera speed, and more. Pick your favorite color scheme, how crazy you want the lightning to be, and go!


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A beautiful live wallpaper of a ridgeline silhouetted against a sunset.  The clouds move, the trees sway, and the camera moves as you chance home screens.  Silhouette also supports color shifting of the sky based on the time of day, with user-selectable colors for midnight, 6am, noon, and 6pm.

KF Hearts

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

An ornate wallpaper totally appropriate for Valentine's Day! Hearts drift across your home screen, with options to control the style and frequency. Have special hearts that contain the image of a loved one, and have hearts appear in a puff wherever you touch! A beautiful and fun wallpaper that runs well on all devices.

Jungle Waterfall

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A gorgeous wallpaper featuring a tropical waterfall surrounded by jungle ruins. The plants move, the water falls, the flames flicker, and the fog really draws the look together beautifully. Lots of small details and colors really create a fantastic background image.

City at Night

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

City at Night brings motion to a classic long-exposure city image, in this case a nighttime shot of Kuala Lumpur.  Lots of speed control settings, plus cycling of the background clouds based on time of day, including the ability to customize which colors are used for which times.

North American Flags
Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A beautifully animated flag blows in the wind, with photographic north american landscapes in the background.  Select from tons of flag images -- USA, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, all 50 US states, District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.  Preferences include the style of flag, wind speed, camera speed, background image, and you can specify your own flag and background images if you'd like.  Supports both portrait and landscape mode (check the EU Flags image just below for how landscape looks)!

European Flags
Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A beautifully animated flag blows in the wind, with photographic European landscapes and cities in the background.  Select from tons of flag images (check the list below).  Preferences include the style of flag, wind speed, camera speed, background image, and you can create your own flag and background images if you'd like.  Supports both portrait and landscape mode (see the NA Flags image just above to see how portrait looks)!

Flags included: Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, European Union, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Wales

Bamboo Forest

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

In the mood for something a bit zen?  Bamboo Forest is a serene scene of waving bamboo trees with shafts of light from above.  It's got lots of color preferences for fog and light, along with settings for fog density and camera speed, and controls for enabling/disabling the particles and light rays.


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

Don't be afraid!  A cute Halloween live wallpaper that celebrates the mood of the season! Pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, a haunted house, witches, bats, the full moon, spiders, and more!  Has settings for adjusting the number of bats, witches, and spiders, along with the ability to spawn bats only on screen touches, and more!


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A field of flowers blow in the wind with a photographic backdrop behind them.  The flowers are 3D animated models that look beautiful when the desktop scrolls.  Has a nice energetic feel and works well as a background element.  Options for yellow or purple flowers and three different backgrounds.

Friendly Bugs Live Wallpaper

Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A very cute live wallpaper featuring the world's cutest insect!  The ladybugs explore your home screen, with a number of selectable backdrops, shadows from the plants overhead, and they do a little dance when you double-tap!  Butterflies select a landing spot, fly in from offscreen, sun themselves for a few seconds, and flit away again.  There's six different types, and you can select their frequency from one every minute or two, all the way up to invasion!

Options for red, realistic, or rainbow colored laybugs, camera control, and others round all this out.


Links: Android Market, YouTube, News

A surprisingly tasteful tribute to weed, this one comes with lots of color options that let you get some fun 60's style results.