Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper v1.26

  - Bug Fix: Better specular shading
  - Google Play Link

I'm not sure what happened last update, but our specular highlighting got really flat.  This build fixes that, sorry for the mistake folks.  :/

KF Flames Live Wallpaper v1.3

  - New Feature: Heat shimmer!
  - New Feature: Daydream support on 4.2+ devices
  - New Feature: Simulated scrolling on some devices
  - Update: Nicer looking settings screen
  - Google Play Link

We did some experimentation heat distortion on the background, and you'll find the results in this update.  It looks pretty solid, though the additional pixel shader work required means it's a bit sluggish on some of the older Tegra2 high-res devices.  As a result we're defaulting it to off, but please give it a try and see what you think!

In addition, this update contains the various maintenance stuff other recent updates have, including Daydreams and simulated scrolling and so on.  The settings screen is now using the Holo theme and has a nicer thumbnail-using list for picking the background image, as a bonus.