Sunday, September 28, 2014

Funny Mirror v1.01

  - Google Play Link (free!)

We're taking a stroll in the free side of things with a goofy little software toy.  Funny Mirror is basically a digital funhouse mirror, allowing you to use either of your phone's cameras to create distorted pictures.  You can save the image to your device, or hit the handy share button and post it to Facebook to entertain (or scare) your friends!

The actual functionality was originally written for a couple of other products, which we'll follow through on before long, but it was a good fit for this sort of thing so we decided to go for it.  From a business standpoint, most of our products are live wallpapers which really don't lend themselves to advertising, so this also gives us a chance to make something with a banner ad and see how that pays off.

And hey, we've laughed a bunch of times playing with it, so it seems to do its job.  :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gallery Live Wallpaper v2.2

 - New Feature: Launcher icon intelligently takes you to settings, or to preview
 - Update: Loading dialog at initial thumbnail list creation
 - Update: Better thumbnail creation
 - Google Play Link (free)
 - Google Play Link (paid)

This update does some nice cleanup to make selecting images and browsing them smoother, and also makes the launcher icon behave more intelligently.  Hopefully the whole experience is a bit nicer as a result.  :)