Monday, October 26, 2020

Universal Windows Platform and Unity

Working on a UWP title for Unity, we've run into several obscure issues that may help some other people out.  First off, here are the full Xbox Live plugins (grab the linked .unitypackage):

There's a helpful link in there about setting up more detailed Unity features for UWP and Xbox Live.  The biggest thing there for us was the note about setting the "InternetClient" capability in the UWP publish settings inside Unity PlayerSettings.  Without this, trying to unlock achievements will give you a cryptic error message: "The application does not have the cloud notification capability"

Also useful is getting multi-user support, which will allow you to support the user picker on appropriate platforms.  Specifically, you have to edit the Package.appxmanifest file after building your UWP solution to add "<uap:SupportedUsers>multiple</uap:SupportedUsers>" to the Properties section.  It's briefly mentioned in the "Building and Testing UWP" section of this page.

Friday, October 16, 2020

The Collage Atlas!

A beautifully hand-drawn journey though surreal landscapes, the Collage Atlas is the creation of John Evelyn, and we helped bring it to Apple Arcade!  A must for any fan of meaningful adventure and storytelling!

If you're a subscriber to Apple Arcade, you can find it on the App Store here!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ring of Pain!

Do you like cards?  Do you like dungeon crawls?  Do you like creepy owls with elongated limbs?

Ring of Pain is a card-based rogue-lite dungeon crawl with unique and interesting gameplay, and we helped bring it to Nintendo Switch!  Every run has important decisions to make about your path, equipment, and abilities, and the beautiful card artwork and atmosphere really helps set it apart.  Like all the best entries in the genre, you'll discover a lot of intriguing depth as you learn the game.  Oh, and you'll encounter creepy owls with elongated limbs, too!  There's that.

Check it out on Steam or on Switch!