Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snowfall Live Wallpaper v2.0

  - New Feature: Santa appearance frequency control
  - Update: Now using OpenGL 2.0
  - Update: Big speed boost on tablets
  - Update: Sharper, cleaner tree art
  - Update: Better stability

Spent a couple of days getting this product ported over to OpenGL 2.0, which should allow us to add more improvements over time.  The immediately visible change should be generally much snappier performance when using your home screen, and generally lower CPU usage.  In particular tablets now draw the background as only a single pass even when time of day is enabled, which is a big speed win.

In addition we've cleaned up the tree art to improve its sharpness and done a few other things like that.  As a result of the changes the aurora doesn't look quite the same, but I expect to improve it over the next update or two, as 2.0 gives us a lot more flexibility there.


  1. I really wanted the full version, paid for it, droid says it will be downloaded but it never does. Not working... Booo

  2. I'm afraid if you're having trouble with the Market downloading that has nothing to do with us. Apps aren't involved in installation/download/etc.

  3. Love the snowfall wallpaper - bought it today. Was wondering if there is a PC version? This would make a great backdrop to a charity event my wife is running - I could throw it up on the wall with a projector if I could get a PC version. Or even if I could figure out a way to capture a 10 minute session of the action....

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  5. Bought the full version today, paid and it downloaded but when I goto change options it says I have to buy it. Please help I already did buy it

  6. Would like to pay with visa debit or paypal

  7. I paid for app with debit card and it was taken out of my account hut I can only get the free version ...

  8. Same here. Paid and no upgrade. What do I do now.

  9. Please send an e-mail to contact at and we can take care of it there.

    Usually that means either your credit card information is out of date or you had an issue with the Market downloading it -- we don't actually have anything to do with billing or installation, but can issue a refund or give you a hand with working out the source of the problem.

  10. I buy a full version and dont download. WHY?

  11. I am trying to buy the full version but a system error message keeps popping up and it wont let me

  12. Please sent questions to contact at, and we'll get back to you. Typically sort of issue is a problem with the Market failing to authorize the order, or an issue with downloading. We can't really do much about it directly, but can tell you how to clear Market cache or otherwise hopefully work around the issue.

  13. I bought this app in the Verizon Market on Dec. 4, and I can't get it to install. It downloads, then when it begins to install, I get the error message, "Package file not signed correctly." My phone then aborts the installation of the program.

    I called Verizon about this issue, and they told me to contact you directly. I've already sent an email to your contact email address regarding this problem. I thought I should post this comment here because I noticed that other people are having this problem in the Verizon Market with this app as well.

  14. Christine: What do you mean by "Verizon Market", do you mean the Verizon tab on the Android Market? I don't recall ever signing up for listing on any sort of special Verizon service. Please send an e-mail to contact at and we can hopefully figure something out.

  15. Hi there,

    I just bought SnowFall Live Wallpaper full version online thru setting "Settings -> Get the Full Version! -> Google Play -> Clicked blue box "$0.99" and followed the steps to pay by credit car.

    And then, problems came:
    1. My credit card was overcharged. Instead of $0.99 AUS, $2 was charged.
    2. The Wallpaper app was never downloaded. I can't find the program, and when I go back to the App in PlayStore, it offers me to buy it again.

    Please advise why it charged me $2 and how I can set it up.


    1. Hello! Please send an e-mail to contact at and we can see what's going on here. We don't actually have anything to do with purchasing/downloading/installation, but we can issue a refund or something if need be.