Friday, October 13, 2017

What level does "Force Anisotropic" in Unity force it to?

Unity3D's quality settings have a drop-down for "Anisotropic Filtering", and one of those settings is "Forced On".  But what level of anisotropy does it force to?

Experimentation tells me that it forces to 8x.  If your texture is already set to use anisotropic filtering at a level above 8x, it will remain at that level rather than being downgraded.

This was tested with Unity 5.6.2p4.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Unity3D Matrix Layout

I had trouble finding a reference for this, so I wanted to post a table of the Unity matrix component layout.  The member names don't go the obvious direction for XY coordinates.

m00  m01  m02  m03
m10  m11  m12  m13
m20  m21  m22  m23
m30  m31  m32  m33

03, 13, 23 = Translation X, Y, Z
00, 11, 22 = Scale X, Y, Z