Friday, September 2, 2011

Koi Live Wallpaper v1.15

  - Update: Nine fish at once
  - Update: HowTo window has a tooltip!

Next update will hopefully have more fish textures, but for now I've been informed that apparently nine koi is lucky, so I bumped up the number of simultaneous ones you can have!  Enjoy!

The second one is a nicety that I'm putting into all our products -- when you use the HowTo window via the Marketplace 'open' button, it will float a tooltip instructing you what to do when you shortcut to the live wallpaper picker.  Small but I feel like it's more professional.


  1. Dear,

    This wallpaper is so nice and i love it..can you please make it for bada os 1.2

  2. Is there a problem with the paid version on Android Market? I bought it but it won't download.


  3. I LOVE this wallpaper. For me it's the best aquarium themed wallpaper in the market.

    If I may suggest two additional features and one potential modification of an existing feature:

    (1) Make the rain dependent on the weather of your current location, maybe link it to rainfall probability

    (2) Make the fish respond when you touch at or near them by swimming away, just like real fish would probably do

    (3) Make the feed fall into the water at the location where you doubleclicked so that you can lure the fish to a certain location

  4. How and where do I get koi update?