Sunday, October 30, 2011

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper v2.1

  New Feature: Themes!
  Update: Stability improvements

This update inherits the various stability improvements mentioned in the previous couple posts, and in addition to that actually gains a major feature!  We made the art for this a while back, but things have been so busy it's taken a while to get it ready for the light of day.

The "Themes" drop-down in the settings menu allows you to switch between different visual styles, and by that I mean more different than you can do with just some color tweaks.  We've got three in place right now, and I'm attaching pics of the two new ones to this post.  One is a cloudy nebula sort of feel that doesn't have a distinct center, while the other is a heavily painted and saturated dark-colored galaxy.  Hope everyone digs it!


  1. Can u diggit? O yea, luvit baby, Luvit!!!

  2. Hi are the Live Wallpapers energy saving? As in they do not tax the battery too much? Will they cause wake locks?

  3. Hi I had this live wallpaper installed on my x10 mini pro, android 2.1. But then I installed cyanogenmod, android 2.3 and now I can't install this wallpaper. I search this in market, and it tells me that my device is incompatible :(
    Please tell me some workaround to fix this

  4. No, these don't use wake-lock at all. They go completely to sleep except when your home screen is being rendered, and make no appreciable difference to battery life. You can check the battery usage screen to confirm this -- usually they don't even show up on the list, which means they're using 1% or less.

  5. Adee: That's up to the Cyanogenmod people. We have our wallpapers tagged as using the "live wallpaper" feature. If they have that feature marked wrong on the x10 I can't really do much about it. :/