Sunday, February 12, 2012

KF Simple Benchmark v0.6

  - New Feature: Charts of performance over time
  - Update: Galaxy now renders 2048 particles (up from 1024)
  - Update: Better stability when launching scenes
  - Update: Bamboo is now green (to match the lines on the chart)

Okay, this incorporates a few new framework changes that should make launching the individual scene activities more reliable -- no more black screens if you ever had that happen.  In addition, this introduces aChartEngine based plotting of individual frame times after the sequence has finished.


  1. Jeremy,
    Thanks for putting this benchmark out there. I've been getting a lot of complaints from my customers about my wallpapers running crummy on the Galaxy Nexus, so here's something I can show them as evidence that it's the device that's the problem. Obviously, it's not what someone wants to hear about their $300 phone. :P

    I really think that may be the reason the Android 4.0 built-in wallpapers don't scroll left and right. It masks the low frame rate.

    1. Yeah, I've noticed that too. Pretty sure they cap the framerate on those at something super low.